Ecoflam Our Values

Our Experience

Thanks to 50 years of experience in the design and production of burners, Ecoflam offers a full range of blown air pressure jet burners covering an extremely wide range of power, from small products for residential heating applications to high power burners dedicated to the industrial segment.
Ecoflam burners are renowned worldwide for providing high efficiency products with reliable operation, significant energy savings and extreme ease of installation, maintenance and flexible boiler-burner matching.

Our Mission

Following a philosophy of continuous improving, the R&D Laboratory is constantly working to produce better results, such as the reduced NOx level emissions.
The development of new advanced combustion technologies allow to propose solutions in respect of the most stringent environmental regulations and to create the perfect condition to face the new upcoming market requests, such as Ultra Low NOx performance and ErP-ready products.

Our Professional Team

Ability to design state-of-the-art burners, manage demands of products for specific applications, ability to solve problems in real time are just some of the characteristics of our technicians and engineers.
But not only: Ecoflam has a worldwide network of service technicians able to support the installation, the commissioning and the periodic maintenance activities of the burner.

Our International Approach

Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Italy, combining quality, reliability and high performance. All these features are necessary for the end-user satisfaction, which is the first target for Ecoflam.
Reaching this outcome throughout its extensive worldwide network of distributors and customers has always been a challenging task for Ecoflam, which was achieved only by developing a close and personalized relationship with each customer, always taking into account the needs and the distinctive characteristics of each individual market.


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